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Most Loved Spring Packages

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Father's Day Package

Beauty Spring Relax

  • 60 Minutes Swedish Massage

  • Hot Rock on the Neck, Shoulder & Back

  • Vida Signature Facial

  • Hot Herbal Steamed Towels

  • Cool Cucumber on the Eyes

  • Served with Hot Spiced Chai Tea

  • Gift Bag

                                                           2 hours 15 Min | $245

Sugar and Spice Spa

  • 75 Minutes Signature Massage

  • Hot Rock on the Neck, Shoulder & Back

  • Anti-Aging Facial

  • Hot Herbal Steamed Towels

  • Cool Cucumber on the Eyes

  • Holiday Spice Sugar and Scrub for Hands and Feet

  • Served with Wine or Hot Spiced Chai Tea

  • Gift Bag

2 hours 30 Min | $285

Spring Float Away

  • 45 Minutes Deep Tissue Massage

  • 45 Minutes Signature Hydrafacial

  • Choice of Eye or Lip Treatment

  • Manual Extract (If Needed)

  • Mint Scalp Treatment

  • Served with Hot Spiced Chai Tea

  • Gift Bag

2 hours | $270

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Spa in
Cedar Park

The art of relaxation surfaces through experience. At Spa Vida Day Spa in Austin Area, our professional spa environment is crafted to deliver customized and therapeutic services tailored to your very needs. Tranquility can help you feel and look your best.

  • Taking a Break
    While with our team, we invite you to hit pause on your modern life full of stress and tension. Take a break from screens and allow yourself to detach and relax.

  • Increase Circulation
    Spa services including facials and massage treatments can increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen throughout your body to improve your overall sense of well-being.

  • Boost Immunity
    In addition to increasing circulation, spa services stimulate your lymphatic system to help your body process toxins more effectively and to give you a boost of energy.

  • Balance
    If you suffer from painful issues like arthritis, tense muscles, or headaches, our calming spa environment is just what you need to induce a deep sense of harmony and relaxation.


More Experiences



Reconnect, relax, and renew at Spa Vida Cedar Park. We dedicate ourselves to highlighting your unique beauty, striving to deliver the utmost quality in every experience.



Indulge in the artistry of skincare at Spa Vida Cedar Park with our exquisite hydrafacial treatments. Step into a world where your radiance is our priority, and let us elevate your skincare journey to new heights.


Men's Services

Men aren’t an afterthought at Spa Vida Cedar Park. We offer custom-tailored relaxation for your distinct preferences. Rediscover vitality with us.



Spa Gift certificates

Looking for the perfect spa gift for your special loved one? Send them on a spa getaway with a Spa Vida gift certificate.

or give us a call   (512) 593-8680

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